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      AvatarMichelle Cappello

      Here’s a stumper:

      Two things I’m absolutely terrible at and don’t see any improvement from practice:
      Both issues are not like anything else I’ve ever experienced, and seems to come from “lower abdominal” area.  In that I just “stop” being able to do these things.  It’s not “fatigue” or “failure” in the way I’d use that for any other movement/workout.
      I’ve got good flexibility in the couch stretch, can work hip flexors and psoas with lax balls with no issues.  The only reason why I think it’s a “lower ab” issues (whatever that means) is that when I get into a bridge up, I can feel everything from my belly button to groin just feel super stretched/tight.
      I crushed my L5 and cracked it in 3 places 18 years ago.  My L5 is still shaped weird and has about 60% of the volume of a normal vertebrae, but I haven’t had any back pain in like 16 years.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hey Brian, questions:

      1. what do you mean by “don’t see any improvement” exactly? can’t increase time in L-sit? can’t run beyond a certain distance or time? can you be more specific?
      2. in saying “stop being able to do these things”, can you be more specific? what exactly happens when you reach your limit? in L-sit i can imagine that you can’t hold your legs up any more – does it become too sore to hold the legs up? does it hurt?
      with running, what happens? does it tighten up so much that you can’t move your legs any more? or something else?
      3. how is your posture? any extension or flexion in lumbar or thoracic spine when you’re sitting and standing?
      4. what does your breathing look like? if i were to ask you to take a deep breath in and then let it out and video yourself, what do you look like? where in your body do you take in the breath? or what moves when you take in the breath?
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