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      AvatarNicholas Sadowski

        I have a lot of peroneal tendon and heel cord tension in my right ankle when I squat.  This leads to my right heel lifting off the ground towards the bottom of my squat, and it’s kind of scary in general when I run and play ultimate frisbee.  I’ve done a lot of work with the Yoga Tune-Up ball trying to do this mob:  It kinda helped reduce a bunch of swelling around the bottom of my fibula (I have a history of rolled ankles), but I still get tightness in that area.  It really feels like a hard stop when I get to a certain depth, and I just can’t dorsiflex my foot any more.  I can really feel it specifically in the peroneal tendons.  The tension runs all along the area from where the peroneal tendons attach to the foot, under the bottom and up the side of my fibula.  I also feel similar tightness in my heel cord.  It’s just scary stuff.

        This might be related: I had an issue earlier this spring where I couldn’t bend my right knee past 90 degrees.  It was also scary.  It was just a plain hard stop once I bent my knee to a certain angle.  No pain – just a hard stop.  That just kind of magically resolved itself, but the same thing is happening for my ankle, and has been happening for years.
        Any insight would be appreciated.  What other mobs should I do?  I’m hoping my specific report of the location of the tension helps.
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        AvatarStacy Kellough

          Tony, sounds like you should go and see a physician or physical therapist for this. Anytime we get a hard end feel block of the knee or ankle it’s what we consider a yellow flag. It basically is an odd finding and needs to be evaluated. This is especially true if you have taken a crack at this stuff your self for a while. 

          Sometimes the best answer is to actually go see a professional.
          Good luck,
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