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      AvatarNICOLAS Depardieu

      Hey! So a little background – About 6 weeks I was doing a sub occipital release with two lacrosse balls and had horrible neck pain afterward. It got to the point where I had difficulty swallowing (and panic attacks). I started to have ulnar symptoms in both hands and my nervous system was really hypersensitive. I had an X Ray done – all negative but they said my neck is straight like a board. I have no cervical lordosis, and my SCM and Scalenes are suffering because of it. First question, can tight SCMs cause difficulty swallowing? Everything goes down, but sometimes it feels like something is just stuck. Also, what exercises would  you do to fix the lordosis? I do have a winging scapula since this may be contributing to the issue, though not the cause.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Recommend making an appointment to see someone about your on going situation. It has been 6 weeks and there are a few different things going on which are impacting other areas.

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      AvatarTradd Horne

      If my opinion matters, everyone seems to lose cervical curvature. I think that diagnosis causes more alarm than necessary.

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