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      I just saw Kelley Starretts load order error on deadlifting here :

      I am just wondering what the protocol is when you are going for multiple reps… Should you reset and go through the load order (top-down) that Kelley suggests for EACH rep or just try to stay tight / keep tension through the entire set? By bracing your core and spine before you bend over means apply intra-abdominal pressure which means breathing into your diaphragm. Once I am braced standing up, can I bend over and breathe normally or will I lose my organized brace? I ask this specific question because I use a double overhand grip with straps and that takes anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds to get ready. Dumb questions, I know, but I am trying to deadlift optimally as possible.

       I feel like sometimes when you reposition using your knees while keeping tension through a higher rep range–may require 5-8 second breathers–there may be some relaxation?

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      AvatarChris Montanaro

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have found I am able to do maybe 2-3 with out resetting. A big part of this is the breathing technique–which must be focused on if you are going to reset every few reps. That being said, as the weight gets heavier and I find myself doing sets of 2 or 3– I reset between every rep. What works for you? I can tell when I really nail the form in the dead lift and when I am only 80-90% perfect. Resetting helps keep your form as perfect as possible.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Yeah, it’s a thing of practice to be able to hold your breath for multiple heavy reps without taking an immediate and unscheduled nap. Work on it, as it will help  you stay tight and organized, but don’t go overboard.

      If you’re setting up with straps, I would just get a good brace going at the top, stay pressurized, but keep breathing down into the tight belly as you’re setting up. Then, when you’re all strapped up and ready to get tight, take a big snuff of air in through the nose to increase the abdominal pressure to DEADLIFT LEVEL!

      In terms of multiple reps, you want to be tight and loaded before each rep, but if you break position I would stand back up without the bar, reset the brace, then get your hands back on it. If you’re chaining reps up and staying in control of them you should be able to keep tension rep-to-rep. In this case, I would rebreathe at the top when necessary, and make sure to keep the belly on tension while doing so. It will look like a breath out, and a big snuff in.

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