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      AvatarMike Uerling

      Hey guys, I need some help. I coach cross country and I have a very good runner who is not recovering after race 1 (4 weeks ago). Both of her legs have pain in them and feel weak. Doctor sent her to see a ortho, I don’t know why. All he told her was she had shin splints….really generic answer to give a runner, but does nothing to answer what is happening with her legs. I dont know if anyone has any experience with anything of this nature. We have lessened her work load to try to help her recover. Any help?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      There are several factors which impact recovery.
      Was the athlete ready for this distance, intensity etc. at the time?
      How were things going into the race? Recovered from training volume?
      Does your team have a strength training component to their training?

      Was the pain new with race 1?
      Deviations in running technique?
      Could have reach tissue tolerance levels for the deviation(s) in technique.

      Are you addressing the possibility of shin splints?
      Could be an impacting factor to the situation
      Episode 270: MobRx for Shin Splints
      Pro Episode # 37 – User Request Friday – Shin Splints

      Active recovery in a pool is great.
      Get the muscle contractions to keep things moving without stress on the joints, muscles, and tissues.

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