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      I’m pretty sure it was my rotator cuff….not too sure though, but initial injury had swelling to anterior medial shoulder. It took a while ,but after many months of discomfort I am able to do pull ups without pain. The Mobility WOD’s have got me back to my regular WOD’s. I never want to have that injury again…..it took me like 6 months to even hang from the bar. Just wanted some specific Mobility stuff, I can do to prevent that injury from happening again?. The was a point in my rehab….that my whole left arm would feel stiff after a couple of pull ups.

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      That is pretty vague.
      What did the doctor or PT say was the cause of the injury?
      What advice did they give you about preventing the situation from recurring?
      Have you watched these?
      The 500th Video; Great Sub-Scap Shoulder Smash Drill
      Episode 294: Shoulder-What to Fix First, and Wii Mob
      Episode 101: Shoulder Relationships–Soft Tissue
      Episode 05: Darth Shoulder

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      I’m an uninsured MRI student, I did not go DR, but I’m a paramedic who’s just curious what common injuries arise from pull ups. 

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