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      AvatarNathan Richer

        hey all,

        I’m getting into doing pull ups with a wide grip but I’m noticing that when they get tough, my left shoulder will drift forward annoyingly.  I’m guessing I don’t have the ability to generate external rotation under that kind of load and i d-bag the shoulder, but then other muscles start getting sore.
        I have been working on internal rotation and external rotation already.  does anyone have any favorite external rotation mobs?  any suggestions? 
        also i’d love to hear some suggestions for the  neurological side of things, like training my left shoulder to remain in position and to pull up with the right muscles properly and not d-bag out.
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          You are doing too many reps at a time.
          When learning/ starting to incorporate a changed skill you shouldn’t max out on reps or do reps when positioning is lost.
          Once you lose position you won”t reclaim the correct position.
          You need to stop, take a break, and reset.
          First focus is technique, then more efficiency through the range of motion, then adding more volume (reps)
          This progression will keep you on track without developing bad habits from working in a poor position or doing reps when you are tired. These are the times that injury and bad habits forming happen.
          Yes it can be frustrating to do less reps or break something up into more sets than you think you need, but it is the way to go after a new skill. It keeps things moving forward and building upon what you have accomplished. It will become just the way you do it, but it can take time to develop the changed neuropathways.
          The new pathway is like a secondary road as you use the road (pathway) more it is grooved more and easily recalled.

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          AvatarNathan Richer

            Makes total sense. i think i will also try bands with pullups and/or supporting my feet to make the pullup a bit manageable and not so much a max event for each set.

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              Don’t over due the reps even when using bands for assistance.
              Shoulder positioning is key here and taking the time to work on that will allow you to hold the position for a higher number of reps. You are learning a variation of a skill so skill work time is needed.

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              AvatarNathan Richer

                hey Kaitlin, was watching this:

                think this is definitely me on my left shoulder!

                do you have any good cues for my left shoulder on the pullup? crank on the bar with my hands and try to break it as i pull up? any others? thanks!
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                  I recommend skill and drill work.
                  Shouler flexion work
                  You need to retool your pull up to address the problem.
                  Carl Paoli has some excellent progressions on developing grip strength(GWOD), and hand position
                  Your Thumbs, The Hook Grip, and Better Pull Up Shoulder Stability Part 1
                  Your Thumbs, The Hook Grip, and Better Pull Up Shoulder Stability Part 2
                  Episode 332: You Can Minimize Neck Movements Under Load, Even the Butterfly Kip

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                  AvatarNathan Richer

                    ah forgot about those – haven’t looked at those in a long time. thanks!

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