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      AvatarJim Grammel

      I feel pressure on the bottom of my left foot and I feel like it is rotated towards the outside of my body. I used to take my shoe off and look at where my heel would be to see if something was in there causing my heel to be under pressure. Along with that, left calf is always tight no matter how much stretching and foam rolling i do. It almost feels like my left leg is longer causing me to jam my left heel into the ground. I know that my leg is not actually longer it just feels that way. I also have some discomfort in my left hip. I can feel a popping sensation coming from the front of my left hip sometimes throughout the day. I also have some left lower back discomfort. Any suggestions on what I can do to relieve these symptoms. 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you seen a practitioner to determine exactly what is going on?
      Lower back discomfort could be from an upstream compensation.
      Your hips could be out of alignment.
      Are you working up/down stream of the calf?

      A couple to check out for your heel & calf.
      Friday, February 26th, 2016
      April 17th, 2016
      Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
      Saturday, November 26th, 2016 – Feet & Calves

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