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      Recently, my right LCL started to pop over a bony part of my knee whenever I went into a squat. It isn’t necessarily painful, but it is irritating and I’m sure that isn’t optimal procedure. I tried lacrosse-balling asmuch of my leg as I could and then stretched the rest, but to no avail.  My left knee doesn’t do this at all.

      Is there any reason why this started happening/any steps I can take to correct it?

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        It could be happening from a deviation in your squat technique.
        Are your hips tight?
        What is your foot position when you squat?
        It sounds like the LCL is tracking differently than it was before the popping began.
        Pain is a lagging indicator. By the time pain shows up damage has already occurred.
        Where you haven’t seen improvement with what you have addressed you are not hitting the cause of the issue.

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        I’m assuming my hips are constantly tight so I’m always trying to get them loose.

        I recently changed it up a slight t with my feet, bringing the to something like 10 degrees (they were closer to 30-40 before), so I’m guessing that probably helped contribute to that.

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        AvatarMaxim Noreau

          I am having the same issue with my MCL, right leg only. It gets a little better when I’m warmed up. My hip is tighter on the right but I can’t do anything to make this better

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            It sounds like the LCL/MCL is tracking differently on the side with the tight or tighter hip.
            The ligament is  getting pulled off track as a compensation for the tight hip.

            Have you seen an improvement with the improved squat positioning?
            What is your ankle rom like?
            If you have tight hips you may be missing rom at your ankle too.
            It could be a combination of the 2.
            Squat Quick Test: Is it your Ankles or Hips?
            Case Study: Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting
            Super Sumo Groin Mob

            What have you done to address your hip?

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            I’ve been attacking my hip with a ton of different things, and while I’ve seen improvement in overall squatting ability it’s still popping over.  No matter how far out my knees get they still pop.  Is this something that will correct itself over time, or is there something else I should be doing?

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              What is your foot position when you squat?
              Is your foot turned out past 12ish degrees?
              What is your ankle rom like?
              Either of these could be where the issue originates.

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