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      AvatarSteve Yahns

      This isn’t a post with me asking for help, but instead I wanted to really commend Roop on evaluating me on Tuesday and giving me some stellar advice. I’ve had lateral knee pain manifesting just above my knees on the outside when I sit/have my legs bent. I’ve gone through 2-3 rounds of physical therapy and seen multiple doctors, and practically all of their suggestions didn’t work. 

      Roop evaluated me, and found that my squatting technique was flawed (leading with the knees instead of generating torque through the hips), and that I was pretty restricted in my hips. Two days of an hour of mobility work (banded stuff for hips and using the barbell for soft tissue work on my quads/abductors) and my physical therapist was able to quickly notice the difference in the tissue quality of my quads. She was astounded that they felt so much better after only two days. 
      While it’s just been two days since my evaluation, I have no doubt that I’ll be able to fully recover from my knee pain given enough consistency with my recovery program set in place by Roop. If any of you have an injury that you can’t seem to address, get a virtual consultation or an in person movement and mobility evaluation. It is worth every penny. 
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      Thanks for sharing your experience so others  can hear what is possible with a virtual consultation.

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