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      AvatarMichelle Lyons

      Hi everyone,

      Here’s my issue:
      When I extend my right knee fully, once I start bending it again after I’d guess about 5-10 degrees past neutral I’m getting a sort of click on the outside right of my kneecap. I can feel it easily and can actually see it happening just looking at the knee when I extend then bend it, it looks like something popping/sliding back into the kneecap as I bend the knee. It’s not painful but I know it shouldn’t be happening and think it could be related to my 2nd issue;
      When I walk/run after 10mins or so I’m getting a dull pain on the medial side of my knee. I had ACL surgery in 2012 but had no issues with my knee afterwards until this all started 3-4 weeks ago. I started a cycle of Starting Strength at the start of June and also started easy walk/jog intervals 3x a week  having not done much running in the past year or so. Then at the end of June I went for a 6-7 mile casual hill walk and my knee felt very tight for about a week afterwards and the symptoms have been around ever since then. I leave for 6 months army training at the start of October so I’m really determined to get this sorted before then.
      Sorry for the long post but wanted to be as detailed and specific as possible. Any ideas on how to go about attacking this?
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