Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums General Lack of Extension in One Leg When Rowing

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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Hello all. Noticed that when I’m rowing, my right knee does not come close to full extension at the end of the drive phase> Left knee is fine. I’ve done Kelly’s extension test just sitting on the floor, and the right knee seems to have full extension. 

      What the heck is going one? I’m not a novice rower (6:30s 2K) but this lack of extension can’t be good/normal. Is it the knee that’s at fault, or something else up or down the chain (hip, ankle)?
      Help please!
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      Have you had someone look at your rowing technique?
      Are you sitting on the seat correctly?
      I know someone who was experiencing some difficulty that stemmed from how they were sitting on the seat.
      You are correct a difference side to side is not good.
      You are seeing the issue at the knee, but this may not be where the cause of the situation is.
      It could be something upstream or down stream.
      Have you encountered any problems with your hip, knee, or ankle with other skills?

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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Thanks for the response, Kaitlin. Overall technique is fine as I was coached by very experienced rowers, and my seat position is optimal. Hip or quad tightness could be the culprit, though, oddly, this is usually more of an issue for me on the other side. I’ll keep working on Kelly’s hip and leg mobilizations and see what happens. If you think of anything else please let me know.

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      You may be seeing something that is the result of a compensation for the tightness on either or both sides.
      if you aren’t seeing change with what you are working on you may not be targeting the root cause of the situation.

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