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      This is a cry for help. I purchased Kelly’s book last week as I’d been recommended it from a friend after I stressed and worried about how much money I’ve spent on physio’s and chiropractors over the last year. I’ve just over half way through and so far I love it- but I’m struggling to actually piece together what’s wrong with me. Here’s a long story short:

      In May ‘2013, I dislocated my shoulder playing Rugby twice in the same match. As a result I tore my labral and went under the knife almost a year later in July ’14. It was a high anterior labral tear (2 to 5 o’clock and they claim it was extending superiorly into anterior SLAP. (I’m not certain what this means)

      Surgery was a success and recovery went well. However, I was disappointed with the PT follow up after being discharged from the care of the orthopedic team. I was quickly released and given a few exercises to continue in my own time. I did this, but I think they misinformed as I’ve had issues ever since.

      As a result, the initial problem has escalated and I now have imbalances in the whole posterior chain. I have paid in excess close to £1,000 in follow ups with physiotherapists and chiropractors but none seem to have helped me iron the issues out which is extremely discouraging.

      When I asked one of the PT’s for an assessment, they came back with “You have imbalances around the shoulder and scapula with a weakness of the posterior cuff muscles. This is probably not helped by a tightness of the pectoral and medial rotators of the shoulders.”.

      Around 4 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a bulging disk by another chiropractor after I struggled to walk or stand after a set of deadlifts- they claimed this was an accident waiting to happen as I had imbalances in my back where the “smaller” muscles weren’t working, I can’t help but think it’s all linked and this recent chain of events could have been avoided.

      Now I know it’s almost impossible to assess without seeing pictures, videos or heck even me in person, but as I said- I’m really, really starting to lose patience and give up completely. I need as much help as possible.

      I’m eager to finish the book and devise my own mobility plan, but I was equally as eager to ask for some advice from some of you on here. I’m 27 now, trust I’ll never play a game of contact sport in my life but I would quite like to train pain free and look somewhat symmetrical- reaching my arms overhead would be a bonus and being able to externally rotate my shoulders would also be nice. Getting rid of what I call my “turtle neck” would be the icing on the cake.

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      Hi! Thanks for sharing your story and reaching out for help- there is hope! I’m wondering if the PTs or Chiros you’ve seen performed any soft tissue therapy on the labrum or rotator cuff muscles.. the tissues in shoulder joint are notorious for guarding an injury and as a result, weakness, pain, and adhesions develop. Trigger point therapy, Rolfing, & Active Release Techniques are very helpful in getting the joints and muscles back to healthy ranges of motion.. I’d recommend seeking out a provider of one of those soft tissue therapy techniques. I’ve had the privilege of helping a lot of shoulders in my ART practice- there is definitely hope! I hope this helps!

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