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      AvatarMike Horn

      Video of deadlift session with Mark Bell and Kelly Starrett that got posted a week ago:

      Interesting that Starrett’s deadlift looks a lot like the ‘squatlift’ where the hips are much lower than the shoulders. Stop video at 3:33 – it certainly doesn’t look like the deadlift he describes in BASL. He certainly has the flexibility to get his hips up a lot higher before he pulls.

      Haven’t watched the entire video yet, so hopefully he explains why he performed the deads this way. Obviously the guy is knowledgeable enough that this isn’t an accident.

      Edit: OK, so he does describe it a little – he’s trying to engage the quads more (which is harder when legs are straighter prior to pulling), hence the greater knee flexion than you’d expect from a guy with his mobility. Sounds like this is how he prefers to deadlift now.
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