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      Avatarfabrizio tettamanzi

        hey everyone! if you’re pro users you mustve seen Kstar’s video on the buttwink being a lack of capacity to flex your hips, yet he has not continued with this to give us tips on how to improve our hip flexion.

        Does anyone in here know how to get rid of the dreaded buttwink by increasing ROM of hip flexion, if so how??
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        Daily RX pistol shape. He is in the green shirt.  

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          Tom here are a couple episodes that hit hip flexion
          Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and MobRx Part 1

          Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and MobRx Part 2

          Pistol Daily Rx
          August 21st
          August 22nd
          August 23rd

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          AvatarBailey Martinez

            Can someone elaborate on the pistol daily? Is this like the 10 min squat where you just camp out in the pistol position for a few minutes? Or is there additional work?

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              The Daily Rx is not like the 10 minute squat test. The Daily Rx are the episodes that Kelly does each day.
              The Daily Rx episodes that I listed focus on the archetype of the pistol.
              The episodes address different elements that impact the pistol position such as having full ankle flexion, end range hip flexion and how to address these aspects.

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              Avatarfabrizio tettamanzi

                thanks for your help in finding these Kaitlin!! 

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