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      AvatarJustin Perz

      When I do the super couch stretch and I have my right leg against the wall, if I rotate at the hip, my knee will pop. It isn’t like cracking joints. It is more like a thump. It also happens if I am mobilizing my shin with the yoga tune up ball and I get towards my ankle and I am applying pressure and I roll my shin over the ball. It will also sometimes happen when I am doing the 10 minute squat test. It is only on y right knee. I can do the same thing with my left leg and cannot reproduce the same thing. I have never had a serious knee injury. I have only had one instance of knee pain that seemed like a sprain. Is there a way to self-test to see if it is something serious or a precursor to something serious?

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      Sounds like a situation to see a practitioner to find our exactly what is going on.

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      AvatarRoss Hillier

      Did you ever find out what this was? Sounds like I have the same issue.

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