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      AvatarKrista Foulke

      Hey there,

      I experience pain on my left knee for some time while walking down/up stairs and while squatting. The pain is mostly located on the left side of the knee and it also hurts when I kneel on it.

      I have super tight calves, quads, hip muscles. Concerning the hip: it feels like there is something “blocked” on the outer and posterior part of the left hip.

      I do some smashing of my gastroc and my quads, voodoo band wrapping and suprapatellar pouch mob. I also try to mobilize using the couch stretch (which is horrible!) and single leg flexions.

      Do you have any hints and tipps how I can deal with that problem more effectively?

      Thanks in advance!!

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      AvatarInder Narula

      Hey Kathrin!
      Have you tried any of the hip distraction techniques? I’ve found that those help me most with knocking out impingments in and around the hip. Also, try smashing your quad/ham insertions on your IT band. Those tissues can cause some wicked lateral knee discomfort if they arw locked down!

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      AvatarErin Ritter

      I agree with Zack on this. I worked on hip distraction, smashing behind the knee and the upper calf, as well body weight exercises like air squats, pistols, lunges, and hip flexor mobility exercises. After a couple weeks of this with light maintenance work in the problem areas has yielded tremendous results for me. I suggest that you pick up Kelly’s “Becoming a Supple Leopard” book which is very well organized and will offer you quick access to information and demonstrations that will help you resolve your knee pain issues along with any other issues you may have with pain.

      Hope this helps!
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      In some ways you answered your own question,
      Tight calves, quad, hips.
      Go after the hip first.

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