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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon


      Currently, I am trying to fix my sever pronation with my feet. I have flat feet, and I have been attempting squat with my foot with an arch. I have knee pain when try to do that; while I squat with my feet pronated it feet feels much better, but it does feel rather irritated. I am starting to do a full routine with Kelly’s material as well as the material below:

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Squatting with your feet pronated will feel better because it is feeding slack to make up for compensations within the system.
      Have you watched the updated Rebuilding Your Feet  series?
      3 part series click the arrow on the right side of the video to #11 is part 1.
      How is your ankle mobility?

      A couple episodes to watch
      Episode 253: Knee Pain Case Study Part 1
      Episode 253: Knee Pain Case Study Part 2

      Squatting with an arch is a new position squatting for you.
      Rebuild your squat technique with the changed foot position. You are using muscles/tissues that weren’t being used in the past.

      How are you addressing your knee?
      I don’t see anything under the materials below.
      Are you seeing improvement with what you are doing?

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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon

      I will take a look at the links you sent me. Upon looking at the stuff you sent, I had other questions. I have extremely flat feet. I was thinking about wearing Vibrams for walking exclusively. But I also have running shoes with arch supports that I plan to use for running frequently during the week (5-6 days a week). I regular CrossFit shoes by Nordic for sqautting. Would this too excessive? 

      So here is the title of the video that I was trying to send before, for some reason URLs of other websites don’t usually work on this forum.  
      Intrinsic Foot Strengthening by Dr. Spina
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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon
      So, can I wear Vibrams instead of going barefoot as per what Kelly and that other guy suggested? 

      For high bar sqauts, I experience knee pain in my right leg (namely in the area of the articular cartilage and lateral meniscus). When I go down I position my feet more on angle then the guy below at 3:22

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Build into the time during the day you wear Vibrams. Your foot will be doing the work vs the shoe making the correction. Work with the Rebuilding Your Feet exercises.
      You don’t want to do too much too fast. You want your foot maintaining an arch while you are wearing the Vibrams. No reinforcing bad movement patterns with a collapsed foot. There can be upstream compensations from the collapsed foot at the base of support.
      Wearing shoes with arch support when running is ok. You are rebuilding the strength in your feet and this can take time. Transitioning your running sneakers is another aspect you’ll need to take a look at. Check out Power, Speed, Endurance for more on this.
      Squatting with your feet at an angle you are missing internal rotation at the hip.
      There are episodes which address knee pain with squatting. You can do a search on the types of pages.
      Not sure what you mean by “I regular CrossFit shoes by Nordic for sqautting.”
      Are you changing the shoes you squat in?
      You’ll need to rebuild your squat as your feet are changing and foot position changes.
      Have you done squat therapy or done squats barefoot?

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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon

      For the shoes, I wear the Nordic Lifting Shoes for Crossfit when I workout.

      I have never done squat therapy or done squat barefoot. I was thinking about just doing squats in vibrams for now on.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Going from wearing lifters to flat shoes there is some transition time.
      More load on the posterior chain not having the lifted heel.
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