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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon

      So, I have consistent pain in my right knee, speccfically to ride side of the knee cap. The pain occurs when I am squatting with/without a bar. For a couple of weeks now, I have been attempting to squat with foot on an arch since I have flat feet. Ever since then, I have had knee pain while squatting. I am not sure of this as a result of tendonitis or caritlidge wear. What type of mobility exercises might alleviate this?

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      Bradley HarmonBradley Harmon

      I am sorry for the spelling errors…I am typing on a phone. I meant the right side of my knee cap, right leg. I have been squatting with my arch in my foot because I have flat feet. I have posted about that before.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      What do you mean by “squatting with my arch in my foot because I have flat feet”?
      If you are changing your foot position you can be using parts of your foot you have not actively used before when squatting. This can change position of things upstream since you are changing something at the base/foundation.
      Is there knee pain with any other movements/positions?
      Have you watched the episodes linked in your prior post?
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      AvatarMegan Massey

      Well, I am basically just re-watching the videos that you sent me in the original post. The main issue is that I have consistent knee pain while squatting with an arch. It’s not any part of the quads, or any muscle related part of my knee. I have since bought orthotics for my shoes.  It’s a  moderate improvement, but any improvement seems like I just won the superbowl. There is no knee pain from any other movement. When I practice body weight squatting alot, I notice that I ahve alot of knee pain when i try to arch my foot in the way Kelly advocates. I am probably just post footage from now. This week I will do just that with a bar. 

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      You may be trying to push your knee too far to the outside of your foot, maybe even past your pinky toe. Keep the foot arched up, turn them out slightly, and just sit down, don’t think too hard about pushing the knees out and just let them fall in line with the feet an ankles and see what happens. 

      MWOD Staff
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