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      AvatarRobin Dale

        When I squat or deadlift or do anything (with or without weights) where I bend my knees and go down, right before I pause to go back up, I feel a sharp limiting pain above my knee caps on both legs. It feels incredible when I dig my fingers into the crevice above my knee cap and massage it with deep pressure, all around the cap. I can’t determine what this is or what has caused it or how to repair it, but I feel like I every time I go down and come up I am making it worse. I took time off and the problem still exists. I joined this website, just to see if I could maybe learn something that could fix this problem. Thanks in advance. -Steven

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        AvatarKristian Klausen

          Same thing I tell all my members: knee pain is usually a result a prolonged hip dysfunction. Releasing tension around the knee cap is a good start but you have to work upstream to the source: find trigger points in your quads and start doing some self massage all the way up to your hip flexor. It’s hard to “diagnose” anything without seeing how you move, but in my experience if people don’t understand proper abdominal bracing and over-extend their lumbar spines during hip flexion (bottom position of deadlifts or squats, for example) then it usually results in excessive quadriceps loading during movement. So… Analyze your movement and make yourself aware of when your quads are loaded. They should be secondary movers to the hips during hip extension movements. Usually means learning to drive the hips back (without extending lumbar) and maintaining vertical shins for as long as possible during movement.

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          AvatarDrew McNeil

            Hi Winning,
            Is the pain still persistent? You should consult a pain specialist or an orthopedic doctor. Read this article, it might be able to help you:

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