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      For a while now I’ve been having knee pain on the inner side of my left knee. It’s especially painful when in a full free squat but also a dull ache throughout the day, possibly caused by sitting at my job? I also can’t do the external rotation stretch shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu0oj19–kM even with my knee and/or ankle off the edge as that causes the same pain.
      I also had a lightbulb moment today when bench pressing; I was trying to create torque and hip external rotation and felt pain/restriction in my left glute/hip and groin. I’ve always felt that my left glute doesn’t fire as well as the right (had quite a few QL/SI issues on my left side) and wondered if this tightness/gnarlyness is causing that inhibition.
      Has anyone else had this kind of pain or issues, and if so how did you start working on it without causing even more issues?
      Thank you.
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      AvatarMatt Troutfetter

      did you get any resolution to this? I also experience a similar pain at the back of my knee when trying to do this. The only thing that seems to work is to put my leg fully up on the box and then try to put it into external rotation

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      not sure where exactly on the inside of your left knee you feel some pain. but the adductors do attach there, as does the sartorius coming across the quad, and VMO and medial hamstring. 

      have you done smashing of all of: glutes, adductors, quads, IT band, hamstrings, QLs, and lots of banded hip openers? if you have a left side problem, you will probably want to make sure your hip is not unbalanced:
      i would voodoo band around the knee to feed it some slack:

      let me know if you want some videos on the smashing and banded hip openers. there are a lot of videos on those.
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      AvatarMatt Troutfetter

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the response, for me at least I feel a pain or strain at the very back of the knee (i.e. at the crease if that make sense?) when I put my left leg in exterior rotation. I’m trying to do the figure 4 stretch at my desk during the day as I’m nearly sitting down all day.

      I I have very poor range on my left side so maybe just need to work on the things you’ve mentioned above i.e. hip openers and smashing glutes, adductors etc.

      Anyway I’ll work through those first and see if it helps.

      Thanks again

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      AvatarMatt Troutfetter

      Actually forgot to add yes if you can send on any recommended smashing and banded hip openers that would be great!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      do you have a PRO account? all the good stuff is only viewable via PRO!

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      Hi, David. Thanks for the replies.

      I find foam rolling my quad actually makes my knee a bit worse, kind of aggravating it. Maybe I’m not staying on it for long enough to relax the muscles and rather just tugging on the tendons because they’re so tight?
      I think my hips are aligned and it’s probably the inhibition of the glute that’s causing issues, possibly a tight psoas and definitely tight hip on both sides, but especially the left.

      I would also appreciate the recommended videos. I have a PRO account.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hmm how are you foam rolling? I would recommend going across your quad versus rolling lengthwise, meaning you should find a tight spot on your quad, then rock your quad back and forth slowly on that spot (ie. the pressure wave). this is instead of rolling the quad up and down it lengthwise. you can also pause on a tight spot and contract/relax to see if you can get that area to soften up, and also tack and floss by stopping on a tight spot and then moving the lower leg.

      You should try voodoo banding the leg. It really works wonders.
      All the muscles on the opposite of the glute can inhibit it. it could be adductors, quads, psoas, TFL, illiacus. 
      Here are some:
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      Thanks, David. I’ll take a look at the videos, but watching the first one it seems to be my exact problem!

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