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      AvatarLux Schwartz

      Hi !
      I was wondering if someone can help me out, because the issue has been bugging me lately.

      I can’t recall when and how it started but basically it goes like this:

      – when I squat deep fully down and try to do one leg squat bottomn position it starts to hurt inside of the knee next to bottom of kneecap (meniscus area ?) and basically can’t hold that position. (Been able to do full pistols without any problems before.)
      -And when I do a butt to calves squat, then as  I ascend I’m getting a popping sound in my knee. From touch it feels like a bone has slid where it was not supposed to go and pops back into place as I go up. There is no pain though.
      I have been been working a lot sitting on my knees and kneeling with knees forward and other weird positions because of constricted space and so.
      Also right knee has no problems what so ever.
      I would just like to know what is causing this problem and whether I should be take some precautions or what not, as for now I am just taking my time off crossfit, but none of the mobility exercises seem to do any good ?
      Thank you
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      AvatarLux Schwartz

      Anyone ?

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