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      I have had knee pain for a couple months, it all started the last the day after I did Nancy, overhead squats and running.  The knee pain prevents my from getting full terminal knee extension and full flexion so I can’t bring my knee all the way back to my butt.

      Up until a week ago the knee pain was in my left knee with light pain in my right, but I’ve been doing ART, Grastons and Massage.  About the time of my massage I was feeling significantly better felt like I had full range of motion in both knees squatting with a little tightness but nothing noticeable. The day after, I started getting similar pain in my right knee.
      I’m sure that this all started either because of bad running or squatting form or both.
      The knee pain at terminal knee extension goes across the back of the knee, at full flexion the knee pain goes across the top inside of the knee and a little bit on the outside of the knee.  
      What I have been doing…
      Also around the time the left knee pain was at it’s worst I got some light numbness in my left heel that no one I’ve seen has had any suggestion for.  
      I’d appreciate any input on finding specific things that might help.  I feel like I’ve already what every Mwod relating to Knee issues.
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