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      AvatarAdam Smith

      Howdy all, sorry for the info dump, I’m happy to upload some videos or photos tonight if necessary. 

      Questions are below, the rest is a ton of supplemental info to help you diagnose a guy remotely!

      A. Do I simply have to keep persistently mobilizing this hip to recover myself from a hip strain?
      B. Did my hip strain cause a minor pelvic tweak I should see a physio about?

      5-6 weeks ago, I had a workout where I performed some heavy trap bar deads, power cleans, and then did some assistance work doing some BW Rows and pushups on Gymanastic rings.

      After my last rep of pushups the Rings, I felt my my right hip tighten up extensively. Was super painful to walk the first 48-72 hours after that, and getting into a “pigeon pose” in yoga was really painful, (could barely get my knee to the ground).

      The pain was on the outside part of my right side of my hip flexor. (Not the glute itself, more IT Band/TFL area).

      I’ve relieved most of the pain and can function in my day to day, primary help were these 2 internal rotation drills: 

      Currently-If I squat, my right foot turns out far more than than my left. (maybe 5-10 degrees on left foot, 25-30 on the right. Used to be balanced out on each side.)
      When I walk, I can feel the TKE difference between the legs. (It’s subtle, but there).
      Today-I still have a minor nagging tightness/pain in that outer hip region, and I’ve lost the final few degrees of TKE, so I have some minor knee pain as well. My goal is to get my hips balanced out so I can get back to squatting/deadlifting/sprinting. 

      Here’s what I’ve been doing to try and recover them today.

      1. Performing this stretch &limits* my TKE in the right and just makes that TFL/Internal rotation feel slightly worse, not better. (
      2. Performing this stretch increases my TKE temporarily, and relieves that TFL tightness caused by the above stretch/mobility work: (
      3. (My right TFL and Hip Flexor are noticably tighter than the left when doing these stretches between my legs)
      It actually feels kind of like my right femur is pinging into my hip, and not rotating right…but I could be imagining that.

      I’ve started sleeping with a pillow between my knees, and am resting on my good side, to reduce the stress/load on this hip.

      I’m also making a point to sit better, and got a standing desk so I can keep my sitting <6 hours a day.

      Thanks for the help ahead of time!

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      It may be time to see someone to find out exactly what is going on. It has been 5-6 weeks so it’s not a new issue. You have taken a crack at it and it is persisting. Getting a better handle on the situation can help with making a more effective plan to getting better.

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