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      AvatarJoseph Rapley

      So long story short, previously had really tight Achilles, required surgery to allow me to walk on my heel, only on right leg. Therefore it is difficult to know its this problem is a product of bad ankle mobility or something else. To forgo the risk of explaining my issue badly, I filmed this video: https://youtu.be/bmrheyQVrRc

      I’m sure I could supply more information if need be, so don’t hesitate in asking anything. Hopefully you guys can help lead me in the right direction.


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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      You have to start by maintaining a very stable arch in the foot. Your foot collapses and your hip and knee come in. I start all people I see with these types of movement issues with box squats and only going as low as you can while maintaining a stable arch in the foot and the knee tracks over the 4th and 5th toe. You have been given new range and have no control. It is a process but that is the best place to start.

      MWOD Staff
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      AvatarJoseph Rapley

      Thank you a bunch for giving me direction, Travis. I know this isn’t the best fix, but could I wear some sort of arch support insole in my shoe to fix this temporarily, but while working on what you directed me to without arch support?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      You need your foot to maintain the arch.
      When using an arch support the correction is made for your foot vs your foot making the correction.

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