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      AvatarTyler Clark
      Please, any tips for this?

      For the last year or so my right knee will click after I have had it flexed 75 degrees or more- say sitting or laying in bed with it bent.  Sometimes I can feel it (but it does not hurt), sometimes it just makes the clicking noise with no feeling.  It also makes a popping noise in the same spot when I walk up stairs. I can also usually make the click if I stand on my left leg, bring my knee up so my upper leg is parallel to the ground and extend my leg.
      The click almost always only happens once after being flexed, meaning if I bend my leg again right after and then extend it will not do it a second time.
      The location of the click is in the area at the top of my patella if I was standing up.
      Any thoughts on what might be causing this and what I can do to fix it?
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      Sounds like a situation to see a doctor especially since it is not a new situation.
      Have you seen any improvements with how you are addressing it?

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      AvatarTyler Clark

      I Have seen a physiotherapist with regard to this.  He could not be sure of the cause – thinking maybe it was an inflamed plica or a patella tracking issue.

      He provided strengthening exercises for the vastus medialis, hip abductors, and stretches for hamstrings and piriformis. I implemented these and after several months he felt the “noisiness” of the knees in general was better, but the specifc clicking I mentioned above was still there.

      I continue to do these exercises and stretches, but the clicking seems the same.  It does not hurt, but I do not want it to be the start of a more serious problem.

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      Did you let him know the clicking was not resolved?
      Have you thought about seeing another doctor?

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      AvatarTyler Clark

      I did let him know.  He could not determine the cause.  He said I could investigate further through a doctor, but his opinion was it is not a big issue – no pain, etc.

      I have thought about it, but wanted to see what the Mwod community’s thoughts were before doing that.
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      Definitely sounds like its time for another opinion.
      Finding a doctor who works out makes a huge difference.
      Where do you live?
      As you know pain is a lagging indicator.
      Have you had a coach look at your movement patterns and technique with skills where you experience this?
      Something is sliding that shouldn’t be.
      Have you seen this episode?
      Episode 318: Knee Pain On Stairs or Hills

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      AvatarTyler Clark

      I will look into a second opinion. 

      I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
      To be honest, I don’t know that the coaches I am involved with have the experience or expertise to comment on this.  They have watched my squat and “form is great”.  I may get a coach second opinion as well.
      Thanks for the episode.  I watched it and will pay attention and try and incorporate this.
      When you say “Something is sliding that shouldn’t be.”  Can you elaborate?  

      Thanks again!
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