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      AvatarYuan Li

      I had a radiographer friend ultrasound my knee which showed a small bursitis across front of patellar. He said most likely from impact. It does not hurt to squat run or dead lift but it just hurts when I kneel on it! Kind of annoying especially when doing some mwods! Will voodoo do much for this or any other ideas?

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      Did your friend give you any recommendations?
      What was the cause of the bursitis?
      Pain is a lagging indicator. By the time pain shows up the damage is done.
      Have you had anyone look at your running technique?
      And technique on other skills with impact?
      A voodoo band can be used to address certain aspects of the knee.
      You need to identify the cause or it will not heal.
      A few to start with:
      Voodoo Band Your Patella Femoral Pain
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      Pro Episode # 46 – The Box Squat:  Knee Function, Rehab, Pain, and Pathology
      Pro Episode # 31 – User Request Friday – Live from The Games: Patellar Tendonitis
      Pro Episode # 39 – Voodoo Floss Primer: The Knee
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      AvatarYuan Li

      Friend did not give me any recommendations other then not to kneel on it! (rest) a lot of the literature talks about icing and anti-inflammatory treatments – we know what we think about those!

      The cause of the bursitis is most likely an impact injury – i cant remember it but could have been kneeing a tow ball on a car or similar.
      My running technique is not great – having a go at pose but that is causing plenty of its own problems (calves see my other posts!) however i am confident this is nothing to do with the bursitis as i havent really been running that much.
      I have my voodoo bands working above and below the knee.
      It does not hurt running, squatting, box squatting jumping skipping landing etc…..only when i kneel on it.
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      Some calf issues with pose are a result of the heel not kissing the ground.
      You don’t have to do something alot to have an issue develop.
      You may need to see some to find out exactly what is going on.
      Especially if this is an ongoing issue.

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