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      AvatarDarcy Young

      I recently turned 50. I am a fitness junkie, and retired fitness professional (now consulting).

      I blew out my knee throwing javelin in college (ACL, PCL and MCL off the bone) back in ’84. They also removed 2/3 of my medial meniscus.
      After surgery I continued competing, and of course training up to current.
      My knee now is brutally painful. After just 15 minutes of sitting, it nearly locks up.
      Have not gotten an MRI yet, but wonder if at 50 I should already consider a knee replacement.
      I still do my legs twice a week, but very limited stuff (ie leg extensions, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg press). 
      Would love to get feedback.
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      AvatarDarcy Young


      No comments or feedback?
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      Sounds like a situation to see someone to find out exactly what is going on.
      Once you know more about the current situation you can make an action plan that may or may not involve a knee replacement.
      Have you looked at your sitting position or considered a standing desk?

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