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      Bear with me, this is my first day in the community and my first post 🙂  I joined up because I’m trying to learn what I can do to get better range in my lower legs.  Whenever I try to do a low squatting position, my heels come up off the ground no matter how hard I try for them not to.  I do have some success in lowering them if I spread my feet wider and if I point my toes outward.  Any suggestions for a newbie in how I can fix this condition and what is a reasonable amount of time before I would see results.

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      Your body is looking for slack within the system to allow you to squat even though you have tight tissues.
      Pointing your toes outward creates slack in the system to address tight ankles and or a hip issue.
      Determining if the main cause of the issue is with your hips or your feet will dictate which issue you hit first.
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      Foot Position Test: Breaking Diane

      Case Study: Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting
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