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      Hey all,

      After snowboarding at a high level for years and probably ruining most of my body in the process, I had to take some time off due to back pain. Doctor said it was because I was weak where I needed to be strong. I started crossfit about half a year ago to get strong in those places but I´m finding that a lack of lower body flexibility/mobility is messing up my form.  
      Now my question is, do I keep doing crossfit and work around or avoid the problems (no deep squats, deadlift from blocks, etc) while I work on my mobility? Or should I drop crossfit and working out in general until I have the mobility I need? 


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      I suffered a spiral fracture to my femur back in high school so I still have some lingering strength/mobility problems. My advice would be to do mobility on areas that need improvement. I tried to take time off because of tightness and pain which made it worse. Ceasing physical activity will tell the muscles that they no longer need to work as hard which will lead to weakness and further mobility problems. If you can, do exercises that you feel comfortable with but do them at a lighter weight and try to go through a full range of motion. Whenever my hamstrings are tight doing squats actually helps because it’s taking my hamstrings through a full range of motion and gets that stretch reflex going. I would take it easy on the crossfit for now or try to modify the workouts so that you’re doing the movements correctly and efficiently.



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