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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Hi there,

      Looking for ideas for things to try with the Gemini. It’s SO much better than using two taped balls. Managed to clean up some junk between the shoulders I wasn’t able to before.
      References to “the book” or links to videos are helpful.
      Is anyone working on filtering the videoes by tool? Could be interesting for inspiration.
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      You can use it on anything you would use a double lacrosse ball/peanut on.
      From the rogue site Kelly Starrett explains the Gemini

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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Thanks Kaitlin. Hadn’t seen that video. Some applications I hadn’t thought of and funny ending 🙂

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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      rolfb, one of my go to exercises with the Gemini is to go after the scapula. As you lie on your back on the floor, lift your upper back and put the Gemini vertically along the inside of one shoulder blade. Lie all the way down, and then ‘backstroke’ your arm on the side the Gemini’s on. Make it harder by starting the hand of your active arm on the opposite quad, and by externally rotating that arm as you bring it overhead. I try to do 40 – 60 ‘strokes’ overhead. It does wonders for clearing up the scap for Olympic lifting

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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Thanks Philip. I tried this and on my right side it makes a crackling noise (4-5 short ones) which started after I played volleyball. Felt some tightness in my deltoid area which I will have to clear up.

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