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      I’m a relatively new crossfitter- did mechanics classes in Aug/Sep, started regular classes in mid-Sep.  50 yrs old, long history of weightlifting though not necessarily with proper form, had been doing some weightlifting/precor/swimming, wasn’t in terrible shape.  I enjoy the classes and have adapted reasonably well to the intensity, albeit scaling quite a bit.
      I’ve developed some joint pain in my shoulders and elbows, sharp pains which I had been just working through but seem to be getting worse, present now almost anytime I move my shoulders and in most lifts: push press, chin ups, bench press, to the point I feel like I’m weakening a bit.  
      I’ve been doing the 5-way shoulder, episode 47, fairly regularly, and am revisiting the overhead, front rack, and press archetypes.
      Coach suggested taking fish oil and magnesium; starting that now.
      Sorry it’s a little vague, but I appreciate this forum and any advice or suggestions.  Thanks much.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Welcome great to hear you started doing crossfit.
      I’d recommend seeing someone about this.
      It is not a new situation and is getting worse.
      You’ve taken a crack at it without seeing improvements.
      Improvements since re visiting the overhead, front rack, and press archetypes?

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      I second what Kaitlin says. Go find a provider to work with you on developing a solid plan to ease you into training. Look at the MWOD list on our site.

      MWOD Staff
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