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      Yo guys i just need a little advice real quick. I went to the shoulder doc and he said that on my right shoulder the capsule itself is slack or loose. This is the reason that my shoulder pops and cracks, so is there any way to strengthen this big ligament type thing or what can be used to keep my shoulder more stable? Any past Mwods? I just don’t want it popping like it does all the time, thanks, peace

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      AvatarNathan Richer

        Hmm was there a cause to this condition like injury or other?  Is there pain at all?

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          Have you dislocated your shoulder at any point?
          If so did you have any PT?
          Do you understand how to get your shoulder in a stable position?
          Are you able to replicate this position?
          I recommend watching this webinar  The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function
          Have you consulted a physical therapist about this situation?

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          Hey thanks for the replies, yes i was working out with poor form while benching, the laxity developed over a long period of time though, I went to pt and they gave me classical rotator cuff/bicep tendon exercises (i also had bicipital tendonitis from the same event) anyway, I know to keep my shoulders back and externally rotated, but to give an example the best way I can, whenever i brace my shoulder blades/ext, rotate and bring my right arm over head, it POPS or slips, this also happens when i bring my arm across my body. Any suggestions cause I know joint capsules can be tough to deal with, thanks, peace.

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            Did you follow up with the PT or go back with the current situation?
            What recommendations were you given?
            Is the tendonitis healed?
            Doesn’t sound like you are in an organized position with the rest of your body.
            This may not solve the problem, but being in a more organized position will help to improve the situation.

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            AvatarNathan Richer

              Well I was geeking out tonight with Assessment Treatment of Imbalance: The Janda Approach by Page, Frank, and Lardner.  If you’re interested, they talk about shoulders and laxity, pages 206-207.  They recommend treatment similar to treating shoulder impingement on page 199-206.  You can get a PDF copy for $4.99 off  That will give a sense for how some PTs will treat it.

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              AvatarPeer Marschel

                Are you doing your external rotation exercises below and above 90 degrees along with your empty can exercises? I would think strengthening the rotator cuff would help alleviate some of the excess translation causes some of these issues. 

                As for the popping and cracking, I use the Gemini with many of my athletes (mainly high performance tennis players.) But for some it is a bit to painful, so I suggest a lax ball or peanut set up. 
                Then obviously make sure you have full internal and external rotation (ROM) this can be achieved by some simple PNF stretching.
                K Star has almost all of this stuff on his site, but if you want to check out the band exercises I am talking about check my website ( and just click on the youtube or FB link.
                Good luck man!
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