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      AvatarMichelle Romine

      Hey folks,

First time poster here, but long time MWOD follower and reader of the books. I’ve got a bit of an issue going on that I’ve been working at for some time now and I’m hoping to get some fresh opinions on it.

      Let’s start from the beginning.

      Throws athlete throughout college. Hammer, disc, shot. Lot’s of heavy lifting. Graduated and was burned out from sports. Moved to Thailand. Ate too much sticky rice, drank too much Chang Beer, didn’t workout, and got weak. Came home. Fell asleep on April 14th, woke up April 15th with a clicking jaw. (Jaw clicks when opening wide. Clicks every time. Right side only)

      My whole life I was a stomach sleeper. As of about May I have been a side sleeper. I’ve been trying very hard to get to my back, but it is much tougher than transitioning to the side.

      Went to a physical therapist in July or August for a consultation and it appears that C3/4 have shifted anterior. PT suggested a handful of chest openers, scalene stretches, isometric jaw exercises, SCM stretches, etc. . . The usual suspects. Tried these for a few weeks, but they had no affect.

      As of May, I have also returned to lifting. Been pulling a lot and continuing to stretch the chest. Additional work added by myself has included working on the T-spine with the LAX balls, soft tissue work on the trap, lots of banded distraction of the shoulder, and working internal rotation. Also, I’ve been practicing keeping my tongue on the roof of my mouth as well as all the posture stuff we know to be so important. Of course, this ’n that is thrown in here and there corresponding to how I feel/what the workout brings.

      I spoke to my dentist about this. She said, “Yup, that’s a click.” (Yea…thanks) She suggested a bite guard to wear at night (she’d been suggesting this for years as I have been a clencher). I’ve been wearing that since May with no relief. PT suggested I continue wearing this.

      I haven’t had any pain until today. I woke up this morning, took out my bite guard, yawned and heard a huge CLICK. It is definitely tender today.

      What really worries me is that I have clenched too much throughout my life, ground my teeth down, and set my jaw in an unnatural resting position.

      I’ve been worried about this because I know it isn’t normal. I’m very worried about it now because there is some pain. So, I’m curious to hear some opinions on TMJD treatment, what people have tried, what has worked, or any feedback really.

      Sorry for a long, scattered story. Thanks for reading!

      TL:DR- Jaw is clicking. C3/4 shifted anterior. Wear a bite guard. No longer a stomach sleeper. Tried lots of exercises from PT and from MWOD.

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      I know someone who had a similar situation.
      They had their jaw adjusted by a chiropractor which resolved the situation.

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