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      AvatarSteph Song

      I need help with making a mobility routine to prevent injury, and quite frankly I do not know where to start. My workouts are a combination of barbell training and calisthenics. It’s very similiar to Cross Fit, I just do running on different days. I am not a newbie to lifting at all. I have tight hips. While I have slight knee pain it isn’t preventing me from doing deadlifts per se, but I have been staying away from running because I really don’t know what I am dealing with. The pain occurs around the inner side patella, but again, it’s very slight. I am also looking for a stretching that would make me more flexible for hamstrings, because I always get tight there.

      Thank you for all your help,

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you an MIWOD Pro member?
      If not start with the free archive this contains 23 of the most popular videos.

      A few episode to start with to address your tight hips
      Couch Stretch, Tight Hips & Don’t Go In the Pain Cave | Mobility Project Episode 2
      Have you worked downstream of the hip?
      It could be your ankles.
      Squat Quick Test: Is it Tight Ankles or Tight Hips? | Community Video
      Episode 269: On the Spot MobRx for Tight Hips
      Episode 26: Hips and Seppuku: Psoas and Hip Soft Tissue Mob

      Has anyone taken a look at your running technique/mechanics?
      Your knee pain may originate from a deviation in run technique.

      Have you done a search for hamstring episodes?

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      AvatarSteph Song

      Caitlin, I was a pro member before if even had slight knee pain, but it expired. Now the pain around my patella is gone but I believe that I have early symptoms of Quadriceps tendonitis, what videos would I find useful for my conditions ? I am going to pay for a Pro Membership again, I haven’t looked at the Hamstrong episodes but is that just inluded in the Pro Membership ?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Did you watch any of the above episodes?

      What trauma or acute injury did you have to the quad?
      How long have you had tendonitis?
      If its old and cold its no longer tendonitis.
      How are the sliding surfaces of the quad?
      Does the skin slide over the muscle?

      Have you voodoo flossed your quad?
      All the videos that were free within the year of mobility are still free,

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