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      AvatarAdina Novac Ionesco

      Whenever I’m doing a a kneeling hip flexor stretch/lunge and I contract the glutes, I start to feel my IT band tighten up right above the knee (on the side). 

      I’ve tried releasing the TFL before attacking the hip flexors but no help. is it the position of my back leg in the lunge (rotation of my leg)? I’ve been working a lot on pelvic stability and I’m yet to see any difference. 
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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      Don’t forget a large portion of the glute attaches on the it band as well. So contracting the glute may be more directly involved.

      I’d try to spend some on the edge of the pain cave smashing those lateral thigh tissues. Try to restore some slide and glide between the it band and the adjacent tissues. (For the record I hate this)

      Smash the glute and TFL

      Play with this

      Do give this yoga vid a try

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