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      AvatarGillian Pearce

      I am super tight everywhere, especially in the hips, ankles, and shoulders. After warming up I usually do a few banded distractions in these areas and then move onto the workout. Afterwards I will mobilize whatever I found was tight. Should I be limiting myself to 20 minutes of work or can I do more? For example, when I’m done squatting I like to smash my hamstrings and open up the hip capsule, smash my low back, and smash my quads and stretch them. This can sometimes take up to 40 minutes. Is this too much? At home, I like to do lots of hip openers, ankle openers, and t-spine mobs. Again, is one 1 hour long session too much? Should I break it into 20 minute sessions? Should I do nothing and just rest? Is soft tissue work okay to do long after a work out?

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      AvatarMark Milgrove

      I believe the general rule Kelly gave out at one point was limit the pre-wod mobility work to things you need to do in order to get through the wod. Then afterwards work on whatever was heavily taxed or is sore or is tight and needs to be worked on. I personally do not believe that an hour of mobility is not too long. I have heard of dancers who spend at minimum of 2 hours stretching each day so one hour is not too much. If you want to break it up i think that is ok but it is really up to your preference. From personal experience i would say do not just rest after a workout or you will feel very sore, just do a little to flush out whatever is going to be sore. I am not an expert, this is simply advice from what I have learned watching Kelly’s videos and through my own experience as a mobility enthusiast. 

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      You want to make sure you are spending quality time vs quantity of time.
      You want the time you spend to be focused keeping it to 2-3 items per dose of mobility work.
      Doing too much at once or for too long a time you can get distracted.

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