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      On Friday nobody was in the gym, so I took the initiative to hump the barbell and smash my adductors, quads, and glutes.  Not surprisingly it didn’t take long at all to make productive change.  In the summer since nobody was in the gym I was able to do it more often — now that it is busy I am not able to.  I smash at home with the super nova, but its clear its not the same.  I need an honest opinion as to whether or not he battlestar is as good as the barbell. 

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      The battlestar definitely kicks things up a gear or two.
      Yes, some areas are better hit with a barbell vs the supernova.
      Different areas require different tools so its valuable to have all options available.
      Have you thought about getting a barbell for home?
      Sometimes you can find them on Craig’s list or a play it again sports. Some other options vs buying one new.

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      The best tool for smashing is the one that lets you get the job done. For that reason, it’s good to have a variety of tools with different stiffnesses. For areas that are particularly sensitive, hard and acute tools like a barbell might not be the best option because they won’t let you relax properly and actually get any work done. On the other hand, areas where you have big strong muscles that are crazy stiff may not benefit a bit from softer tools. They just don’t make a dent. 

      Personally, I love the barbell for quad and adductor work just because its so easy to put in tons of quality work without a whole lot of physical effort. It’s much easier to just sit down and pressure wave a bar down your thigh than it is to spend the same amount of time basically holding a forearm plank to foam roll your quads. I’m much more likely to get more work done the slightly lazier way.
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