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      Hi supples,

      today i watched pro Episode 60 and got some new insights and questions.

      Did i understand it correctly, that ideal position includes some kind of extension / arch of the spine to turn on the lower back muscles like the erector spinae? It is clear to me that glutes and abs should be already be tightened, otherwise you simply get overextended.

      I read the supple leopard book including the brace sequence.  What i took away:
      1) squeeze my butt as hard as i can
      2) Lower your ripcage
      3) tighten your abs by inhaling and then exhaling
      4) Keep neck neutral and shoulder in a stable position

      So should i also strive to extend my (thoracic) spine at the end of the bracing sequence?

      Thanks a lot and best greetings from a big fan of your site!


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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i believe the video shows that if you are in overextension, then you can’t turn on the erectors or the abs. he says braced extension in the beginning, but then switches to braced neutral later.  personally i like braced neutral than braced extension because that could be interpreted as you should be extended in any part of the back.

      as for your question about t-spine as extended, you should be neutral throughout, gentle S curve (or J curve depending on who you talk to).

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      I think you re right, David.

      Just wanted to share another mwod, that goes in this direction :


      To summarize : Brace the spine into extension NOT in extension.

      Would still be interesting to know if this braced extension is a kind of olympic lifting thing to keep the torso as vertical as possible or if it is also useful in squats, deaflifts ,…


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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i think the terms are being used subtly different. 

      in “bracing into extension” the word extension is being used in terms of movement, or moving the back from flexion into extension. i believe that is what kelly is saying when he says “brace into extension” or as you are bringing your body into extension at the hips from flexion (bent over) and of course keep your back neutral.

      “bracing in extension” is more about being overextended and attempting bracing, or lack thereof as demonstrated in the previous video, rather than moving into extension at the hips and bracing neutral.  so maybe to be more precise, he should say “bracing in overextension”…?
      sorry for the fine point – it’s just seeing the two words in the same sentence like that throws my brain into contortions!
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