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      Has kelly mentioned them in any of his vids? I’m considering getting one and would like to know his thoughts. Also if any of you have any thoughts and experiences with them.

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      AvatarPatrick Hollifield

      I’m not sure what Kelly’s opinion is on the matter, however I have had a great experience with them. I used to do landscaping, bent over all day planting and picking weeds, and then go straight to training (jiu jitsu, lifting, etc). My back was never really hurting, but always tight, a few minutes on the inversion table a day (along with other mobility tools) really helped me loosen up my back.

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      AvatarMike Schwartz

      Im also not sure of Kellys opinion. I do have one and i feel that a few minutes on it several times a week seems to relieve some pressure. 

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      Thank you for your input, I will keep my eye out for one.

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