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      Hey folks,

      a few weeks/months ago you had some mwods about specific sports like racing bike or swimming.
      What about some specific tips for inline skating sports – how do i improve my mobility and skate technique?

      Best greetings

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      I would recommend foot and ankle mobility to start.
      With your foot in skates the may get crammed and you need to restore them.
      Undo the time you are spending in skates. Not a good/bad thing just something that is.
      Heel cords, hip, adductor, quad based episodes.
      T-spine, traps, shoulders, low back are another set of areas you may want to hit.
      Do you notice any areas of restriction?
      Skating technique drills, starting from ground zero and revisiting basic foundational skill drills can have a huge impact. Moving correctly, moving correctly faster, then add time, load, etc.

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      Hey Kaitlin,

      my main restriction is that i cannot stand well on my right leg compared to my left leg. Seems to be a left / right asymmetry between the right and left side.

      Are there any mobilitwod coaches that could introduce some skill or technique drills?


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      Are there restrictions in your posterior chain?
      What is your ankle mobility like?
      Balance differences between the sides?
      You can schedule an in person or virtual consult here

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