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      Im 35, male, lift weights and cycle. Due to improper form during squats, I have an inflamation in my abdom rect muscle where it attaches to the pubic bone. Ive had this same injury 4 years ago. The symptoms are tendernes above the area, and the muscles around the hip and glites are tight. Like a constant dull ache. Last time this injury took almost 10 months to resolve. Its been 10 months now this time, and its still not healed.

      My chiropractor has confirmed the injury with ultrasound imaging. Ive gotten a rehab programme to strenghten the surounding muscles, and some stretching.

      Im interrested in getting a second opinion. Can it realy take so long time to heal? And why does the sirounding muscles get affected too? My chiro says it takes long to heale since the abs are in use all day, so the injury cant rest properly.

      Any advice would be great.

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      Are you seeing improvements with the rehab plan you are following?
      Have you addressed your hip/glute tightness?
      Without address the cause of the issue it will continue to occur.
      You are strengthening around the area, but what about the area itself?
      Depending on the degree of damage done it could take a long time to heal.
      The surrounding muscles are impacted because we are a system of systems.
      If there is restriction or tightness in one side or in one area other areas/tissue, areas of your body will compensate for the situation.
      Here a couple episodes to start with:
      MWOD: Serratus/Rib Cage Mash Party
      Jill Miller Smashes Your Guts! (and psoas, and tacked down viscera, and matted down abdominals…) Part 2
      Jill Miller Diaphragm Evolution Part 3: Eccentric Loading

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      Thanks for the advice, ill start with the videos. Should i do them all in the same session, and how often do you recomend? I have some stretches for the tightness, but i cant really say its working. And no im not strenghtening tje injured area, just the surrounding

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      There is alot in each episode.
      I’d take one at a time so you can do quality time working with the area.
      This isn’t a new issue so it may take some work to start to see improvements.
      Start chipping away at it.

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      Thanks alot!

      Could you please recomend some routine for my ham/glute tigthness too? Cant wait to get started on this!

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