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      I got a “jump trainer” for xmas. Pretty much a belt and ankle braces that have resistance bands connected to them. I noticed that when I have them on, I can actually jump a lot higher (or at least it seems) for the same amount of force used without the bands.

      This seems to make sense when I couple this experience with an article I read about a faster descent into a jump leading to higher vertical results. Essentially the bands help to increase the rate of descent.

      The issue I have is – how exactly do I train “descending faster” into a jump?  Google searches turn up the same article in a few places that talks about a faster descent leading to a better vertical, but there aren’t any exercises or drills listed to train this.

      Any thoughts or ideas?

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      How you train may be dependent on your goal.

      Explosiveness is one aspect as Newton’s 3rd law states every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
      Setting proper positioning throughout the movement. An optimally stretched muscle will contact faster.
      Train explosive movements such as:
      Rhythm squats, box jumps, push jerk.
      Squats with bands

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