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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

      would this work. drop in 10 minutes on incline at the end of a workout. i know you still need to smash and mobilise the tissues, but would this be a good way to “express” the new range of motion and keep it

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      I think it’s an interesting concept.

      1 – I think you should do so slowly.
      2 – I think you should do so in front of a mirror.
      3 – The 2 points above will help you ensure that you’re not rolling around an area of restriction.
      4 – Possibly exaggerating the motion by doing a slight toe raise with every step. One way to help engrain a correct motor pattern is to add weight – in this case, your own body weight.
      5 – Make sure you’re engaging your hip flexors and raising your femur high enough to allow for proper ankle ROM on the landing of each step.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i think the only potential issues with using a treadmill is that the path of your knee may not be optimal for full ROM practice at the ankle. you have to make sure it moves slightly to the outside to prevent your instep from collapsing. but could you walk like that? not sure.  also as you walk, your heel comes up which may also prevent full ROM.  on a moving surface, you may not be able to pause long enough to get the benefit of the full ROM before the heel comes up.

      i think it would be better to do ankle DF exercises in the traditional fashion: on the ground in lunge position or foot up on a bench/stool, one foot at a time.  using band distraction also can help a lot.
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