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      Jens KallgrenJens Kallgren

      Hi all. I am in need of serious help. My problem first started in July 14 and its never gone away. In July I used a tennis ball on my thigh, groin muscles, and hips. It was very painful but I have a very tight lower body so I assumed this as normal. I have very tight calves as well and its also very painful when I roll them. The next day I was in terrible  pain in my hips, groin, and thigh. The pain is at the top of my thigh, side of my hips, and my groin mobility has decreased substantially. When I plant my foot and go to take a step I feel a sharp pain at the top of my thigh. The hips on both sides make a cracking/popping motion. Its worse when I try to move my hip laterally. My groin mobility has gone down to about half where it was before this. If I try to do a split type stretch I feel like something is blocking my stretch and then ill have outside hip pain. If I am sitting I sometimes feel pain outside of hips. If I am sitting with my legs up for a while and go to stand ill feel pain on outside of hips. I could hardly walk. I needed to take 3 aleve daily for the next 4 months just to make the pain bearable to walk. I work on my feet and at that time I was on probation so I couldn’t call out. At that time, I didn’t have health insurance so I didn’t go to the dr until november. I went to the doc and he took xrays. I was told structurally my hips were fine. He said I prob had a hip strain and should go for 8 weeks of pt. I did this with no change. The day I would get treated it would feel better but the next day when I didnt have treatment it was back to square one with the pain. I went back to him in Feb and he ordered an MRI. Took the MRI (the report I still have if anyone wants me to post) and according to him it was clean as well. He only said there was slight water in the joint. He said that might be due to the standing nature of my job (stand 5 days a week/48 hrs weekly) though I am not sure if he is right about this. He told me get a second opinion. In March I started to go to a chiro. Hes had me doing different stretching and he tells me my hip, thigh, gorin areas are very tight and filled with scar tissue. Lately hes been using a tool on me (forget the name of it) at the top of my thigh and on the sides of my hips to remove scar tissue. I can best describe it as a scraper. Its very painful when he uses it and after maybe 30 seconds of him using it the area turns red from breaking of scar tissue. I am so desperate to figure out how I injured myself and how to treat it. Every day and night I am in pain. Sometimes I wake up at night due to this pain. I am no longer active due to this. I used to love running now since no one knows what my pain is im terrified if I run and the drs missed something I may tear a muscle. Please help. Thank you.    

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      AvatarKyle Hollinger

      Have you found anything that has helped? If it is scar tissue, I would think using a roller would help break that up. I’ve had scar tissue in my calf from a broken bone a long time ago and while it was very painful to roll out it has certainly helped. I would also want to try setting the hips back into the socket as well using the banded distractions. Also I would work upstream and downstream – which would mean working on your tight calves (downstream) and smash your “stomach” and QL (low back).

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      Have you seen improvements with your action plan?
      Is there a coach or practitioner available at your gym that you can work with on this?

      What are you using to roll out?
      Using a different tool sounds like a key issue.
      What is your sitting position like?

      The practitioner may have used a graston tool to break up the scar tissue.
      Yes, breaking up scar tissue may be painful, however, it doesn’t have to be painful.

      What did the doctor say about the pain?
      Give you any plan on improving this situation?

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