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      Hello everyone! First post here and I’m hoping you can help.

      26 year old male, 5’7″ 170 lbs, ~12% bodyfat. Currently following a 3 day RPT program of Pull/Push/Squats.

      Here are my known issues:
      -Spondylolistheis Grade II with a pars defect, extremely tight hamstrings because of this

      -anterior pelvic tilt, fallen arches

      – “hot” IT band, its very sore when I roll it and it “pop” across the patella during squats even at bodyweight (both knees)

      -pain and tightness above and to the outside of my left knee (vastus lateralis?). I’ve been wearing a compression sleeve for the past few weeks.

      -knot/trigger point right where the hamstings and glutes meet. I tried to work it with a hard rubber ball, but my butt is too big and I can’t “get in there” deep 🙁

      I really have no idea where to start, but I feel I am losing mobility by the day and strength throughout my posterior chain. I don’t feel like my glutes are firing correctly, likely contributing to my issues with anterior pelvic tilt.

      What do you recommend? I’m very interested in trying the Voodoo Floss bands! I do have a 4″ PVC roller, some physical therapy bands, and some assorted balls for rolling hot spots.

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      You definitely have a lot going on here. My recommendation is to focus on your spine first. Below are a couple videos to check out. Try and normalize the anterior tilt as best as possible. Nothing is changing the spondylolistheis structurally but if you can loosen up your rectus femurs, quadratus lumborum, iliacus and psoas it should offload some of the anterior shear force. Dive into Mwod Pro and learn as much as you can about your movement/injuries. If you still feel overwhelmed check out the Skype consults that are now available to get some eyes on with one of Mwod’s physical therapists.

      Quadratus Lumborum

      Take care,
      MWOD Team Member
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