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      Hello! I was wondering if anyone on the board has any info on the best possible education path to do work similar to what Kelly Starrett does? I have done research and have come up with more options than I know what to do with:

      Personal Training Certification
      Sports Science Degree (Or equivalent)
      Chiropractic Degree with a Sports Medicine Certification
      Doctor of Osteopathy with a Sports Medicine Fellowship
      Various MD degrees.

      It’s obvious that these various educational paths come with various time and money investments, and have various rates of guaranteed pay based on your level of education. I think what I’m asking is.. if you want to train, mobilize, stabilize, fix and strengthen ATHLETES… what is the best way to go? Is a D.O. overkill? Are Sports Chiros worthless? Am I better off just reading everything I can get my hands on, training my ass off, and doing some sort of apprenticeship/shadowing thing with a well known trainer?

      Hopefully there are some of you with some ideas out there. Thanks in advance.

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      Kelly received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, California.
      He focuses on performance-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine.
      You would attend a school that has this focus with their course of study.
      Another aspect is spending time learning from the the best in various fields that play into the equation of what you want to focus on.
      I wouldn’t say any path has guaranteed pay. Alot depends on the individual their education, experiences, and their ability to apply and learn from a situation.

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      If you want to fix, you will need the physio training.  

      If you want to train you may need the sports science/kinesiology degree or your personal trainer cert.  I know that in Canada, you can train any individual or group EXCEPT a sports team with the personal trainer cert.  If you want to train a team you have to have a kinesiology degree as well.  Not sure if that would change if you had the physio degree or if the rules are the same elsewhere?
      Easiest way to figure it out is to look up which schools have good physio and sports science programs and then send off a few emails or make some phone calls to those schools, explain what you want to do and they will be able to give you direction on what program is most relevant for you. 

      You will likely make more money in the long run with a degree and it will open a few more doors for you career-wise, but it is also a much bigger monetary investment up front.   If you want a shorter investment period and a lower cost, a personal trainer might be a good choice.  You can do everything but fix within your scope as a trainer.  It really comes down to what you want to invest and what you want out of it.  

      I recommend the reading, training, and shadowing awesome people as much as possible regardless of the education path you choose, but that won’t be enough to legally qualify you to train on it’s own.  

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