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      AvatarFelix Ritzkowsky

      I have never been able to sit back on my heels Ok, maybe when I was a kid, but I don’t remember. I can’t bring my heel back to my butt when standing, and child’s pose in yoga is uncomfortable.

      I also cannot do a full “asian” squat. This I remember being able to do in my early 20’s (I’m 52), but now I can only get my thighs about parallel to the floor (90° knee flexion), and that’s it.
      I don’t have any pain per se when squatting or trying to sit on my heels, but it feels that if I go any farther beyond what is comfortable, my knees will just “snap.”
      This isn’t ruining my life or anything, but it just seems weird that nearly everybody else can do it and I can’t. And I worry about flexibility and knee issues down the road. I’m pretty healthy – not an athlete, but active in a daily way, like walking and biking. I’m not overweight.
      Any clues?
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      Pain is a lagging indicator and not the most useful indicator of a problem.
      By the time there is pain some damage has already taken place.
      Power, Speed, Endurance
      Pages 318-321
      Upper leg, hip, and trunk mobilization
      Recommend using a Yoga Tune Up ball
      A lacrosse ball is too hard for where your tissues are at. They need to be able to relax to absorb the work you are doing.

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      AvatarFelix Ritzkowsky

      Thanks for the link, Kaitlin. So you think it originates in the hip capsule? Sorry, I’m new to this – I don’t understand how mobilizing the hip capsule will allow my knees to flex more.

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      The first part is the top and side of the knee.
      Yes, up stream at quad and hip impact knee positioning and movement.
      Need to address the whole system up and down stream of where you see the restriction. Where you see the issue may not be where it originates.
      Need to address the root cause to resolve the situation.

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      AvatarIsabella Dean

      Thanks for the link, Kaitlin. I now try to use yoga exercise my knee


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