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      AvatarJonathan Blaisdell

      I have been dealing with what I believe is plantar fasciitis for the past 4 months.  After reading Ready to Run, I have been doing much of what Kelly has in the book to work with very good results and I am starting to read the newest edition of Supple Leopard.  

      I am looking for CrossFit shoes that would be good for me and my plantar fasciitis.  I was wearing Nano 4s & New Balance Minimus shoes when it all first started.  I think I went to minimalist shoes too fast which helped to progress the plantar fasciitis to what I have now.  Since then, I have purchased the Reebok Sprint TR and they have helped some.  I was recently looking at the new CrossFit Nano Pumps.  I am a still a big guy… 5,11″ & 255# [down from 325#] and I do CF, trying to do more running and I like to ruck also.  My goal is to complete the Spartan Trifecta and to complete the GoRuck Light & Tough also.  
      Anybody have any other suggestions for me?  
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