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      Hey guys,

      Just wondering what’s the best way to smash the biceps?

      I’m currently foam rolling them from a table, but not sure what other ways there is?


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      Get a super friend
      You can use the tricep smash as an example
      I’ve had people put an ab mat under their elbow when doing it
      Triceps Smash
      Tricep Smash

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      Thanks Kaitlin.

      Maybe Kelly could do a biceps smash video, as he seems to have everything else covered!

      Would you recommended smashing the rotator cuff, after doing external rotations to strengthen them? Or leave them a day or so?


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      Also do you recommend to smash/cross friction the biceps tendon at the front of the shoulder?

      Kelly’s videos seem to do this?

      But one of the daily videos (not Kelly) said not to directly hot the biceps tendon as it can get very inrritated, but to go above or below it.

      So should I directly smash or not? I find my biceps tendon is always quite tender especially when I dig in with a ball? But am I just making it worse?

      Thank you for the help.

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      Smashing is done post wod/last.
      Smashing down regulates the system.
      Part of the process of going from 60-0mph
      It hits the parasympathetic nervous system.

      If it is tender or irritated go above and below it.
      If using a lacrosse ball it may be too hard. Try a Yoga Tune Up ball  or soft ball.

      There are different approaches to hit the same target areas depending on the goal, what the person is experiencing etc. Not right/wrong just different ways given the situation and what is going on.

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